Since 2008 a team of volunteers has been active in the Botanical Garden, as thankful supplement to the permanent garden staff. Their special working assignment is taking care of the Middle Garden and the Theme Garden.

The Middle Garden with its formal lay-out of sixteen slender Yews and two imposing Dawn redwoods has sufficient space between these to make it possible to grow alternately old and new kinds of vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, and aromatic plants.

In the Theme Garden, eight square beds in the lawn in front of the greenhouses, show a specific group of useful plants each year. In the past there were all sorts of grain species. At the moment dye plants are displayed.

The garden volunteers work on Mondays or Wednesdays, either a half or a full day. Now and then they also work in other areas of the garden if extra manpower is needed there, for instance, for maintenance of the flower beds.

Working in the garden means experiencing in all seasons, wonderful fresh air, and working together with colleagues in order to present the plant collection in as beautiful a state as possible.

There is a volunteers web log with a short summary of what has happened in the garden from month to month.
Plantvakken in de Middentuin
Plant areas in the Middle Garden

Plantvakken in de Thematuin
Plant areas in the Theme Garden. Photo: Bettie Stijnman

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