Public education

More and more, education has become an important mission of botanical gardens. In its most basic form it is a sign accompanying a plant with on it the Latin and Dutch name, the region where the plant is indigenous and, in the case of the Botanical Garden TU Delft an indication of the product for which the plant is the raw material. Next to this basic information, current projects and experiments in the garden are explained with text and image.

Focused education

Apart from individual visitors the garden also welcomes groups for guided tours. These groups are very diverse, children, students green professionals, tourists. A popular long term program are the botanical lessons for the higher grades of primary education. A special children's event was the participation in the worldwide IUPAC/UNESCO project 'pH of the Planet'.

Convention on Biological Diversity

Signed by 150 government leaders at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, the Convention on Biological Diversity is dedicated to promoting sustainable development. Adopting the spirit of the Convention botanists agreed upon the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation in 1999, updated in 2010, defining the role of botanical gardens related to diversity of plants and ecosystems in order to protect biodiversity. Raising public awareness for these vital issues is a major part of this role.
Fuchsia denticulata, bellenplantFuchsia denticulata, Fuchsia

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