Education emanating from the Botanical Garden, recent and current:

2011 - present Instructor of Master course, faculty Architecture, Garden and Landscape Architecture
2011 Instructor in Summer school (Agency NL) Biomimetics and innovations in technology
2012 Instructor in Postgraduate Education Particulate Matter, innovation and air quality in the Netherlands
2011 - present Instructor in Master of Science course Sustainable Energy, Technology, Technical Sciences, ‘Energy from Biomass’
2011 – present Instructor in Minor course Industrial Designs ‘Sustainable Design’

Delft Student dissertations:

Bas Mous, Civil Engineering and Geosciences, ‘Wave impact on grass covered slopes’. MSc (Master of Science) diploma 2010
Percy Marte, Architecture, ‘Why Factory’ (pending)
Anne Nuijten, Civil Engineering and Geosciences, ‘Living trees building’, MSc diploma 2011
Bastiaan Tolhuis, Architecture, ‘Particulate Matter Reduction and fence systems from HERAS’, MSc diploma 2011
Omne Sypkens, Industrial Designs, ‘Hygroscopic movement systems based on the peristome teeth model’, MSc diploma 2012
Moniek van Adrichem, Industrial Designs, ‘Modeling hygroscopic movement systems and mathematical approach to peristome teeth’, MSc diploma 2012
Carlo Morsiani, Architecture, ‘Designs for a coastal pavilion at IJmuiden with marine biological elements’, MSc diploma 2012
Phan Khanh Linh, Civil Engineering and Geosciences, ‘Modelling mangroves as coastal defense’, MSc diploma 2012
Guila Bazoli, Industrial Designs, ‘The use of disinfecting plants from India for alternative sanitary napkins and other health products’ (pending)
Marc Bayona, Industrial Designs, ‘Insects as innovative food product’, MSc diploma 2013
Giancarlo Mangone, Industrial Designs, ‘Design with natural plant fibers in composites’ (pending)
Gleidy Valbuena, Technical Natural Sciences, ‘Modeling tunnels in relation to particulate matter reduction systems (BAM), PDEng (Professional Doctorate in Engineering) diploma 2011
Mihai Moraru, Technical Natural Sciences, ‘Designs of particulate matter reduction systems in cleaning vehicles’ (RAVO)’, PDEng (Professional Doctorate in Engineering) diploma 2011

External Institutions of higher learning:

Ilse van Diepen, HAS Den Bosch (Higher Agrarian School Den Bosch), ‘Electrostatic milking of secondary plant substances’, diploma 2013
Joep van Cranenbroek, HAS Den Bosch (Higher Agrarian School Den Bosch), ‘Electrostatic milking of secondary plant substances’, diploma 2014
Lex van Velzen, HAS Den Bosch ‘Electronic milking of secondary plan substances’, diploma 2014
Ulmus x hollandica 'Belgica', Hollandse iep, Belgische iep
Ulmus x hollandica 'Belgica', Belgian elm

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