The Botanical Garden TU Delft works nationally together with 26 botanical gardens, departments of zoos, arboretums, the Palace Het Loo and the Netherlands Open Air Museum.

Botanical Garden TU Delft is internationally connected with more than 450 botanical gardens and institutes in the world and exchanges seeds, plants, and information with them.

The Garden also participates with ten plant genera in the Society National Plant collections (SNP), a joint venture of Dutch botanical gardens regarding the maintaining of scientific collections.

The Garden further participates in the NVBT, Dutch Society of Botanical Gardens, which specializes in the area of education, promotion, enhancing knowledge of plants, etc.

Lastly, the Botanical Garden TU Delft is a member of the BGCI, Botanic Gardens Conservation International. All important botanical gardens in the world participate in this organization and therefore constitute the executive instrument of the Convention of Rio de Janeiro for the maintenance of biodiversity.

Sparmannia africana, Kamerlinde
Sparmannia africana, African hemp, African linden


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