Prices for scientific projects of the Botanical Garden TU Delft:

2004 Sensor Technology Annual Price’ for discovering the Bio UV filter (converting ultraviolet light to safe blue light).
2008 ‘Inter traffic Innovation Award’ for the system of particulate matter and ultra-fine particulate matter reduction’.
2009 ‘New Venture Price’ for the industrial applications of the Bio UV filter.
2010 ‘World Economic Forum Global Innovation Award’ for the LED technology in under glass horticulture with the use of red LEDs and blue LEDs for optimal growth and light utilization for photosynthesis (energy reduction 200X and higher yields to 20% extra).
2010 ‘Laureate Royal Firm of the Sciences’ for discovering and applying of plants-based Chrystal directed hydroscopic movement system.
2011 ‘Delft Demo Entrepreneurial Award’ for the particulate matter and ultra-particulate matter reductions system.
2014 ‘Made in Holland Award’, (VNO NCW Benelux-make industry), for the electrostatic milking of secondary metabolites from plants and the contributing to setting up and creating the spin-off company Flora Fluids BV.
Made in Holland

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