Bruguiera cylindrica
The foot of the trunk of a young Bruguiera cylindrica, one of the many mangrove species, that has begun to produce prop roots.

Technical-scientific research

The initial raison d’etre for the Botanical Garden of the TU Delft was the technical-scientific research into the usefulness of plants. To this purpose plants were and are collected from all parts of the world. They are maintained and used for experimentation. Via the curator of the plant collection all knowledge gathered about the plants is organised into a scientific information system.

New ways

Initially the research was especially aimed at improving the quality, increasing the yield, and discovering new applications of tropical products. Now the emphasis has changed, such as research into mangroves for maintaining coasts, the knowledge and development of a biological ultraviolet filter, and the method of harvesting precious plant substances without destroying the plant.

Treaty regarding Biological Diversity

A relatively new task has emerged from the ‘Treaty regarding Biological Diversity’, agreed to during the UN conference of 1992 in Rio de Janeiro. This treaty was later augmented with the ‘Global Strategy for Plant Conservation’. Botanical gardens worldwide, united in the BGCI (Botanic Gardens Conservation International) require hereby of themselves and each other, together, to bring into their collections 75% of threatened plant species.


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