Symposia at Delft, organised by the Botanical Garden TU Delft

2007 European Mycorrhiza Symposium
2008 Second World Scientific Challenges in Botanical Research and Climate Change. Congress Organization; key note; lectures, a. o. ‘Will the plant exchange through the Index Seminum become obsolete? An analysis including scientific aspects.’
2008 Botanical gardens of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Lectures: The International Plant Exchange Network (IPEN), ‘Atlantis Botanic Garden: a standard for comprehensive web-based collection management.’
2011 International UNESCO Water Day, coupled to worldwide IUPAC/UNESCO educative project ‘Water, a chemical solution’
2012 Plant Defensiveness, in co-operation with DHV and WUR
2013 Biomimicry
2013 Mini symposium of the Science of Materials

Contributions from the Botanical Garden TU Delft to symposia at Delft and elwhere:

2009 Eurogard 5, Helsinki. Lectures: ‘Implementation of the CBD using the IPEN Code for Conduct and procedures’, ‘The future prospects of electronic seed lists’. Workshop: ‘Gardens in Peril’.
2010 International Archeological Congress, Hebrew University Jerusalem. Lecture: ‘The analysis of the sample from amphora 2 of the Qumran excavations’.
2010 Valencia Lecture: ‘Sharing responsibility for national plant conservation of indigenous and exotic plants: The Dutch National Plant Collection System’.
2010 EU Conference Biodiversity, Belgian Academy of Overseas Sciences. Lecture: ‘Biomimetics: ‘Nature as an ingenious engineer and designer’.
2010 Vietnam Water Management and Engineering Symposium. Lecture: ‘Mangroves, the forgotten habitat in the middle of everywhere’. Workshops ‘Mangroves, roll and significance’, ‘Building on soft ground’.
2010 NEVAT Conference. Lecture: ‘Biomimetics in the Botanical Garden TU Delft, Department Biotechnology’ and forum discussion.
2010 Discussion Day Particulate Matter, Municipality of Rotterdam
2011 NEVAT. Lecture: ‘Plant technology for horticulture’
2011 Aerosol Congress, Manchester (UK). Poster: ‘Particulate Matter and reduction in stables’
2011 4th Global Botanic Garden Congress, National Botanic Gardens of Ireland. Lecture: ‘International Plant Exchange (IPEN). ABS issues: approaches, development & limitations'
2012 MATERIA, conference centre Ahoy, Rotterdam, for Dutch architects and designers. Lecture: ‘Composites on the basis of Plant fibers’.
2012 Symposium Particulate Matter, TU Eindhoven. Lecture: ‘Particulate Matter and Ultra Particulate Matter, the FDRS reduction system and health’
2012 Symposium High Tech meets Green Agro Floriade, Innovators Venlo, Lecture: ‘Electrospray technology and plant secondary metabolites’
2012 Eurogard VI Congress, Chios, Greece, Lecture: ‘Plant based possibilities and uses’, Workshop: ‘Plants and business opportunities’. Lecture: ‘Building capacity nationally in support of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation’.
2012 Bilateral meeting with the Institute for European Environmental Policy. Lecture: ‘Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol by the botanic garden community’.
2012 Theme morning Zoetermeer, Admission to genetic sources, where do we go from here? Lecture: ‘Botanical gardens and access & benefit sharing, admission to genetic sources of botanical gardens for plant improvement’.
2012 Mini symposium Plant resistance, Lecture: ‘Plant defense systems and the technology of vegetation protection.
2013 NBI (Netherlands Business Innovation). Lecture: Particulate matter and ammonia reduction and other agricultural innovations’
2013 Study Day Interface. Lecture: ‘Trees and static electricity loads’.
2013 Flevum Study Day Future Transport systems anno 2040, DVDW Lawyers. Discussion led.
2013 Seminar Biomimicry in the Botanical Garden TU DELft. Discussion led.
2013 Mini symposium Material Science, Botanical Garden TU Delft. ‘The Garden and botanical material sciences’.
2013 FLEVUM and Bio Soil Symposium. Lecture: ‘The future of new sustainable ecosystems’.
2013 BCGI World Symposium of Botanic Gardens, Dunedin, New Zealand. ‘Smart plant use in water management’.
2013 WUR/Biomimicry Netherlands Conference, Radio Kootwijk. Lecture: ‘Biomimicry and Circle Economy’.
2013 Prague, Czech network. Lectures: ‘The Nagoya Protocol and the upcoming EU law’, ‘IPEN, the easiest way for botanic gardens to comply with the new EU law’.
2013 5th Global Botanic Gardens Congress, Dunedin Botanic Garden, New Zealand. Lecture: ‘One small step for man, one giant leap for the botanic garden community’.
2014 Museon Specialists series. Lecture: ‘Biomimicry and bio-inspired learning’.
2014 ENVIRON Conference, Dublin, Ireland. Lecture: ‘Artis Natura Magistra’. Discussion Forum: ‘Sustainable energy debate for Ireland’.
2014 Symposium Air Pollution and intensive cattle-breeding, Province House, Den Bosch. Lecture: ‘Particulate matter and ultra-particulate matter reduction for the agrarian sector’.
World Water Day 2011
Poster 'World Water Day 2011'. Photo: NASA

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